Asian Massage

2605 South Decatur
Las Vegas, NV  89102

(702) 222-1062

If no answer: (818) 919-3318

Hours: 10:00am to 11:00pm

OPEN seven days a week
Other Times - Please
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Southwest corner,
Sahara & Decatur,
facing Decatur

(2nd floor)

Services Offered

  • Types of Massage
  • Swedish Massage ($50)
  • Walk on Back Massage ($50)
  • Deep Tissue Massage (1 hour $70)
  • Localized Therapeutic (1 hour $80)
  • Shiatsu Massage (1 hour $80)
  • Thai Massage (1 hour $65)
  • Aroma Therapy ($65)
  • Cupping($40)
  • Hot Stones ($30)

Waxing (Man/Woman)

  • Full Face ($50)
  • Chin,Ears, Nose, or lips ($10)
  • Eyebrow ($15M/$10W)
  • Full Arms ($30M/$25W)
  • Forearm ($20)
  • Underarm ($15M/$10W)
  • Full Leg ($40M/$30W)
  • Half Leg ($30M/$25W)
  • Bikini ($35/$25)
  • Brazilian ($55)
  • Guyzilian ($30)
  • Back ($30M/$20W)
  • Chest & Stomach ($40M/$10W)
  • Buttocks ($30M/$10W)
  • Full Body ($175M/$65W)

Skin Care

  • Facial ($50+)
  • (Pore Tightening & refreshing)
  • Acne Treatment ($70)
  • (3 visits $60 each)
  • (5 visits $50 each)                    
  • European Facial ($80)  


"Very nice atmosphere."

Tired of paying high prices for massages in fancy spas? Experience our fantastic variety of massages for a great price. We offer both body and foot massages, in tranquil and peaceful environments, for very reasonable rates. Our fully qualified massage therapists and reflexologists are waiting to serve you.  

We are located conveniently in central Las Vegas at the intersection of West Sahara and South Decatur on the southwest corner.  Click on the menu above for a map and a link for directions.  Let us melt away your tension, release your stress and leave you feeling wonderful. 

We invite you to come in as a new client and stay as a life-long friend.

 We have experts who may be able to help you with diabetic issues

Chinese Therapy/Nutritional Medicine Can Help

If you have physical problems, nutritional guidance from a professional nutritionist may be the answer. This is very difficult to do on your own. 

We Offer USANA Nutritional Supplements


(If you live in Las Vegas, nutritional products are available here)

Click Here to Read a Comprehensive Guide to Nutritional Products (PDF)


Questions? - Text 818-919-3318

We can call in a highly educated, professional Chinese Physical Terapist 

to treat neck, lower back, shoulder and other areas

$30 for 20 minutes - Appoiuntment Required

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If No Answer Call: (818) 919-3318